WonderEyEs Enamel Pin Collectors Set

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Sets come with one or each variant, all matching #!

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šŸ‘€šŸ‘ "WonderEyEs" Enamel Pins šŸ‘šŸ‘€
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These will drop this Friday April 2nd @ 7:15 pm est, 6:15 pm cst, 5:15 pm mst, 4:15 pm pst. @
ā°šŸšØ Set those alarms! šŸšØā°

Each single will be $30 + shipping for the order
Sets will be $270 + shipping for the order
Each is 3.1" at furthest points and laser engraved on the backs Limited Edition #'s "XX/XX"
4 rubber backings on each for security.

Conjuring Creations Collection x FeRda EsPepelen

In order of pictures attached to this post -
ā€¢ Dark Carnival LE - 100 (Anodized Metal, Glitter, Green Glow, Epoxy)

ā€¢ Sprinkles LE - 70 (Anodized Metal, No Glitter, No Glow, No Epoxy)

ā€¢ White Candy LE - 60 (White Dyed Metal, Glitter, Green Glow, Epoxy)

ā€¢ Blue Raspberry Slushy LE - 50 (Blue Chrome Metal, Glitter, Blue Glow, Epoxy)

ā€¢ Carmel Apple LE - 40 (Gold Metal, Green Glow, Glitter, Epoxy)

ā€¢ Zip-Zipper LE - 35 (Copper Metal, Glitter, Red Glow, Epoxy)

ā€¢ Pink Lemonade LE - 30 (Hot Pink Dyed Metal, Green Glow, Glitter, Epoxy, HIGHLY UV Reactive)

ā€¢ Sugar Rush LE - 25 (Hot Yellow Dyed Metal, Glitter, Green & Red Glow, Epoxy)

ā€¢ Carousel LE - 20 (Anodized Metal, Glitter, Green Glow, Epoxy)

Sets and blind bagged singles will be available, if you order more than one blind bag have the peace of mind in knowing you will not pull doubles of the same variant. If Sets / Singles don't sell out within 1 hour of drop and you order 2+ multiples I can not guarantee you won't get doubles due to inventory, so be ready at the designated drop date and time. ā¤ā¤

1 set per person and no purchase limit on singles!
9 variants total.
All sales final

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