Obsidian the Omni One Blind Bag

$28.00 / Sold Out

Blind bagged, chance at pulling any one variant at random.
3 per customer for the first 15 minutes. If not sold out after 15 min feel free to double dip.
Each is 3.1" at furthest point
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Laser engraved numbers on rear
(In order of pictures)

Each is 3.1" tall at the furthest points.
(In order of pictures)
LE 55 - OG (Black Nickle Metal)
LE 45 - White Candy (Glitter, Full Glow, Epoxy)
LE 40 - Minium (Black Dyed Metal, Full Glow)
LE 35 - Scheele's (Green Metal, Full Glow)
LE 35 - Cobalt (Blue Chrome Metal, Full Glow)
LE 30 - Uranium (Gold Metal, Glitter, Red Glow, Epoxy)
LE 25 - Glitra (Anodized Metal, Full Glow, Glitter, Epoxy)

LE 25 is set, gift and giveaway variant only!!
Art by Jorge Gutierrez