Flutterbee "Protector of The Flowers" Blind Bag

$30.00 / Sold Out

Listing goes live @ Friday May 8th @ 7:15 pm est, 6:15 pm cst, 5:15 pm mst, 4:15 pm pst. Set those alarms!

Comes with a random variant pictured above, small chance of pulling the mystery variant that hasn't been announced!

Each is 2.8" at the furthest points.
3 Rubber pin backs
Each is back stamped and laser engraved with LE #
(In order of pictures)

LE 50 - OG Nectar (Spicy Anodized Metal)
LE 40 - Peppermint Swirl (Blue Chrome Metal, Blue & Red Glow, Glitter, Epoxy)
LE 35 - White Candy (White Metal, Glitter, Green Glow, Epoxy)
LE 35 - Azalea (Hot Pink Metal, Green Glow, Glitter, Epoxy)
LE 30 - Verbena (Purple Metal, Green & Red glow)
LE 30 - Daylily (Orange Metal, Green Glow)
LE 25 - Gentian (Icy Blue Metal, Blue Glow, Glitter, Epoxy)
LE 20 - Sungold (Gold Metal, Galaxy Glitter, Epoxy)
LE 20 - Morning Glory (Anodized Metal, Green Glow, Glitter, Epoxy)