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Dimensional Isometric Fox Pin Blindbagged Singles

$30.00 USD

● This listing is for blind bagged singles!
● 10th Dimension 3D Plated Variant is on its own listing!
● If you order more than one blind bag have the peace of mind in knowing you will not pull doubles of the same variant.
● If you order in separate orders I can not guarantee you won't get doubles due to inventory, so be ready at the designated drop date and time. ❤❤

🦊🪄 "Dimensional Isometric Fox" Pins 🪄🦊
Drop Info Below! 💧💝📪

These will drop this Friday December 17th @ 7:15 pm est, 6:15 pm cst, 5:15 pm mst, 4:15 pm pst. @
⏰🚨 Set those alarms! 🚨⏰

● Each single will be $30 + shipping for the order
• Sets will be $290 + shipping for the order
• Sets will contain 1 of each pin (10 pins total)
• Each is 3.25" at furthest points and laser engraved on the backs Limited Edition #'s "XX/XX"
• 4 rubber backings on each for security.

Conjuring Creations Collection x Andrew Humphrey of Steady Lifted
His groups are The Lifted and Sessions: The Artwork of Steady Lifted.

In order of pictures attached to this post -

• Spring Fox LE - 80 (Black Dyed Metal, UV Reactive)

• Synthwave LE - 70 (Gold Metal, Glitter, Green Glow, Epoxy, UV Reactive)

• Dark Rosé LE - 60 (Anodized Metal, Green Glow, Epoxy, UV Reactive)

• White Candy LE - 50 (White Metal, Rainbow Glow, Glitter, Epoxy, UV Reactive)

• Purple Snow LE - 40 (Purple Dyed Metal, Glitter, Blue Glow, Epoxy, HIGHLY UV Reactive)

• Foxy LE - 35 (Copper Metal, Red & Blue Glow, Glitter, Epoxy, UV Reactive)

• ICEE LE - 30 (Black Nickle Metal, Glitter, Blue Glow, Epoxy)

• Solar Eclipse LE - 25 (Orange Dyed Metal, Glitter, Green Glow, Epoxy, UV Reactive)

• Rainbow LE 20 - (Anodized Metal, Glitter, Red, Blue & Green Glow, Epoxy, Lightly UV Reactive)

• 10th Dimension LE - 100 (3D plated + Antique Brass & Antique Silver) ! Separate Listing by itself !

No purchase limit!
10 variants total, 9 variants available in the blind bags since there is a separate listing for the 3D Plated 10th Dimension variant!

All sales final.

Www.conjuringcreations.com ❤