Alvarius Hat Pin Blind Bagged

$25.00 / Sold Out

No limit on how many you can purchase!

Chance at any random Alvarius variant listed below! (blind bagged)
Each is 3.1" wide
3 Rubber pin backs
Each is back stamped and laser engraved with LE #
LE 45 - OG (Black Dyed Metal)
LE 35 - White Candy (White Metal, Glitter, Glow, Epoxy)
LE 35 - Venom (Black Nickle Metal, Glow)
LE 30 - Lavender (Purple Dyed Metal, Glow)
LE 30 - Icy (Blue Dyed Metal, Glitter, Glow, Epoxy)
LE 25 - Firey (Copper Metal, Red Glow)
LE 25 - Blue Peach (Blue Chrome Metal, Glow)
LE 20 - Yin Yang (Ano, Glitter, Glow, Epoxy)